Our company has no greater
resource than our employees…

Safety comes first when we agree to take on a job. The protection and wellbeing of the men and women that work for this firm are first priority. It’s non-negotiable. The management, from our president to our field supervisors, all take personal pride in ensuring that we send our people home safely each day. Our “SAFE-T” program, which was designed specifically for the insulation industry, begins when an employee hires in and will continue throughout his or her employment.

IMG_2669There should be no greater concern in any industry than the personal safety and health of the individual. “SAFE-T first” is integrated throughout all Caldwell projects. Through our proactive SAFE-T program, hazards are identified, evaluated, & mitigated. Preventing on-the-job incidences and their related consequences is our goal. We are committed to an “incident free work place” here at Caldwell Insulation, Inc.

The philosophies of “Safe-T” and our “drug-free workplace” are our corporate mission and are required buy-ins for all management positions. Because of our staffs efforts, we have created an award-winning safety program that enables us to consistently exceed the national averages in terms of safety and the way we manage our human capital. Without our people we are nothing, so their safety is our passion.

Our “SAFE-T” program includes:

  • Safety orientation and training at the time of hire
  • Pre-job safety evaluations
  • On-site safety management / supervision
  • Weekly safety meetings
  • Annual training for supervision and management
  • Safety awards and recognition
  • Accident/Incident reporting and investigation
  • Drug and Alcohol testing on a random basis

Our “SAFE-T” Training can include the following:

  • 10 hour OSHA course for journeymen
  • 30 hour OSHA course for supervisors
  • Hand Tool and Power tool instruction
  • Hazard Communication Training
  • PPE Training and expectations
  • Scissor & Boom Lift Training
  • Articulating boom truck training
  • Forklift Training for supervision
  • Fire Prevention/Protection Training
  • Fall Protection Training

Our Low EMR works to the favor or our client:

  • Improved morale of the workforce
  • Reduced workers comp costs
  • Lower chance of property damage
  • Limited employee turnover
  • Reduced corporate insurance costs
  • Increased productivity & efficiency
  • Increased efficiency of our workforce
  • Decreased absenteeism of our workforce
  • Reduction in workforce accident claims